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This guide will help you start thinking about all the things you should consider when planning a smart home, and how to work with smart home automation consultants.

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If you are building a new home or renovating your existing one, you’ve probably thought about adding some smart home automation.  In fact it’s the ideal time. If you’re designing a home to look exactly the way you want it to be, it makes sense for it to operate the way you need it to be. What can an automated home do?

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 If you’re thinking a voice-controlled, automated home is just rich celebrities and their gadgets you’re thinking too small.  Having said that, it’s the small things that can make a big difference.  Let’s take a look at what an automated home could look like.

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Our recommendations for upgrading residential buildings with home automation equipment are simple enough for anyone to follow.

The benefits of living in a smart home – complete with automated lighting, window blinds, doors and security cameras – make managing a home more accessible and entertaining.

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While home automation systems have been revolutionizing how technology is integrated into our homes and domestic life, the resiliency of those automation systems has given homeowners and building professionals alike many headaches.

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