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Smart Home Myth: How expensive is Home Automation REALLY?

We all know that the latest technology can be quite expensive, and you may have heard about the concept of an “automated home” and assumed that you couldn’t afford it. However, the truth is that there are newer and more innovative ways to automate a home that might be cheaper than you realize. Believe it or not, you don’t have to drain your bank account in order to create the smart home that you’ve always wanted!

We offer the affordable products and services that can make life in your new smart home more convenient than ever. We offer a range of products from companies like Fibaro, Zwave, MCOHome, and others.

Light Control 

One of the great things about automated light control is that it isn’t just convenient, it can help you save a significant amount of money! It’s easy to understand how lights that only turn on if someone walks into a room can end up helping a family save on energy bills.

Of course, light control can also help when it comes to emphasising architecture, changing the “mood”, or even highlighting art or décor. Light control is one of those ways to really utilise home automation to make your home feel cozier and more comfortable.


Shutter and Blind Control

Jaci also empowers those interested in home automation by offering shutter and blind control products. One of the reasons why this is a huge advantage for a smart home is that it’s not only a convenient way to regulate light inside your home, it can also end up saving you money.

The shutter and blind control in your smart home can be automated to ensure privacy and manage temperature based on time of day, weather, and more. This is a vast improvement over legacy shutter and blind systems, and our shutter and blind control products are affordable, regardless of the investment level in smart home features.

Controllers and Gateways

One of the main reasons that homeowners begin thinking about a smart home is because it allows so much of the home to be automated. Our controllers and gateways allow for this to happen seamlessly and are the reason that home automation components can be completely integrated. You can also use these controllers and gateways to integrate smart home assistant devices.

If you are hoping for more control over your smart home or are hoping to purchase Zwave devices that can pair with a Zwave controller, Jaci can help with every controller or gateway need.

Security & Camera's 

There are some people that hear about home automation and only think about convenience and entertainment. However, automated security can also give your family a renewed peace of mind, and the right sensors and cameras can go a long way towards keeping your loved ones safe in your smart home.

Smart locks and sensors can not only put your fears to rest, but it can also make life easier for you and your family. Of course, smart home technology also allows homeowners to monitor your home, children, or pets while you are away from the house.

Garage Door

An automated garage door is extremely convenient and can help to minimize personal effort. However, it’s not just about how easy it makes your life - an automated garage door can also help to prevent injuries that might result from a manual garage door.

An automated garage door is affordable, and it also utilizes minimal energy! Believe it or not, an automated garage door can even help to increase the value of your home.


When you get used to your smart home, you might begin to appreciate the Fibro and MCOHome devices that can help make life convenient for you. However, it’s also important to remember that an intercom can make communication much easier between family members separated by walls or storeys.

 Depending on the size of your house, you might be interested in purchasing an intercom that can ensure effective room-to-room communication. You also may be considering purchasing a patio intercom. Either way, an intercom is a great way to keep communication lines open in a smart home.


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