DoorBird IP Intercom Video Indoor Station A1101

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Now the Doorbird range is complete.  Not only can you answer the doorbell from your smartphone, you can also have a permanent indoor station in the Kitchen. 

The DoorBird IP Video Indoor Station is an ideal addition to every DoorBird IP Video Door Station. It features excellent video and audio quality, and its compact and discreet design blends in with any environment. 

The display of the indoor station is made of scratch-resistant tempered glass. All functions are available within seconds via the intuitive user interface with clear symbols. 

All main functions can be activated via the hardware buttons without having to use the touch screen. This makes the operation
• intuitive and comfortable
• easy-to-use for every age group
• even with gloves on possible

The individual doorbell sound for the door, storey or gate helps to distinguish where the visitor presses the call button. At the same time, the LED status bar on
the bottom of the indoor station illuminates in freely customizable colors.

  Door opener and elevator control
Visitor history (free Cloud Recording)
Weather forecast
Home and building automation control
(IP, TCP, HTTPS, relays etc.)
Configurable via the DoorBird App
4“ True Color Touch Display
Scratch-resistant tempered Gorilla® glass
HD Audio, up to 102 dB
More than 50 doorbell sounds available
5 hardware buttons for main functions
Supports WiFi, Ethernet, PoE
Support for multiple DoorBird IP Video
Door Stations
Wall Mounted
Optional desktop mount


It is as simple as that...

In less than 10 minutes the installation of the indoor station is completed. It connects to the network via WiFi or a network cable. If the indoor station is
connected using a network cable, it can be supplied with power comfortably via Power over Ethernet (PoE). If the Internet should fail, all functions of the
indoor station and the connected DoorBird Door Stations continue to operate within the local network. Via the Internet, the indoor station can access all
connected DoorBird door stations – anywhere in the world.