Yale Assure Lock

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Lock and unlock your home without the hassle of keys. Create unique PIN codes to share with your family and friends for ultimate convenience.

Including a backlit touch screen keypad, users have the option of entering a PIN code to unlock the door.

An automatic re-lock function is available so that when the latch is retracted, the lock will automatically lock after a specified period of time.

The Yale Assure Lock digital deadbolt can be upgraded with a Yale module (Yale Access, Z-Wave Plus* and ZigBee*) to seamlessly integrate into most home automation and alarm systems.

*Modules are sold separately


  • Create Unique Pin Codes

    Create up to 25 unique PIN codes, adjust lock features and personalise your settings.
  • Touchscreen Keypad

    Unlock by entering your PIN code and lock-up with a simple tap of the keypad.
  • Key override

    Key override for optional secondary access
  • Tamper Alarm

    Protected by an 80 dB internal alarm.
  • Retrofit

    Retrofit to a 54mm bore hole. Replace your mechanical deadbolt with the Yale Assure digital lock.
  • Simple Installation

    Replaces your existing deadbolt in minutes with just a screwdriver.